Customized Intensive Mixer MX19(1000L) for US Water Filter Material Project

This customized intensive mixer MX19(1000L) was the second machine bought by one of our customers from the US after the first MX12(300L).The customer bought the MX12(300L) in May.2019.After half a year’s excellent operation,they decided to expand the production capacity and purchased a MX19(1000L),which was completely designed and manufactured as per the customer’s detailed requirement.Unlike the MX12(300L),this MX19(1000L) has no discharging system(such as high pressure pump station,discharge door),and the rotor structure is specially designed and the rotation speed of the rotor is enlarged into 1130rpm.This MX19(1000L) is still the first stage of the project.To meet the production needs,they are planning to purchase more MX19(1000L) in the next stage.

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