MX19(1000L) Intensive Mixer Packed In A 20′ OT Container

The packing list of set of MX19(1000L) Intensive Mixer includes three parts: the mixer body(covered with PE film and anchored in the container,with dimensions of 3010*2250*2640mm and weight of 9200kg), a hydraulic pressure pump station (packed in a plywood box, 800*800*800mm and weight of 200kg), a control cabinet (packed in a plywood box, 950*750*2150mm and weight of 300kg). Thus, it needs at least a 20′ OT container to contain all the complete set. The top of the container will be covered and tightened with an oiled canvas to prevent from being rained.

This container was delivered to Shanghai port in June 2019 and arrived at New York port, USA in July.2019.Every month,we have about 10 such containers packed with different models of mixers delivered around the world.

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