• The mixing granulator is a vertical feeding, continuous production mixing granulation equipment, which can make the powder and liquid highly mixed evenly. The liquid is mixed together in a very short time, while the powder is introduced from the upper feeding pipe of the cavity, and the liquid is sprayed from the atomizing nozzle.

  • Yechuang series intensive mixers are the leaders of Yechuang MACHINERY’s line of mixing equipment in terms of mixing quality.

  • Yechuang Laboratory Mixer is constantly innovating and improving with its own patented technology. It has the advantages of easy operation, sufficient stability, good mixing quality and high productivity. The Yechuang Laboratory Mixer is widely recognized and supported in various fields. The 7-inch LED screen of the Laboratory Mixer makes the test results intuitive and clear, and can detect 4 kinds of parameters such as rotation speed, time, temperature, GT value, etc. So what are the characteristics of the Yechuang Laboratory Mixer? A brief summary of the following seven points:

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