Inclined Intensive Mixer for Glass Powder

  • At high tool speeds (compared to other mixing systems)
    – agglomerates are disintegrated to optimum effect– additives required in very small quantities are effectively mixed in without premixing

    – liquids (e.g. water, caustic soda, water glass, glycerin) are uniformly distributed

  • The mixer is suitable not only for mixing but also for coating and granulating, that means granules can be produced in the mixer e.g. from filter dust
  • Sequential mixing for future-orientated production
  • Continuous intensive mixing, e.g. directly in front of the batch charger

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In glass processing,a higher homogeneity of glass raw material means a better quality of glass. The material mixing plays a key role to the quality of glass.The YECHUANG MT intensive mixers can provide a more reliable performance in the glass raw material mixing and ensure a better quality.


Flat Glass
-Ordinary flat glass
-Float Glass

Processing Glass
-Tempered Glass
-Ground Glass
-Colored Glass
-Figured Glass
-Protective Glass
-LED Photovoltaic Glass
-Optical Glass

abrasive material mixer

The unique structure and advanced working principles

With unique outline structure of 30° inclined angle mixing bowl, mixing pan in clockwise rotation plus high speed rotating three-dimensional mixing tools in anticlockwise, our intensive mixers are adopted with world-leading mixing principles:

  • When mixing under the strong mechanical shearing force , the inclined rotating mixing bowlbrings the material to the top, rolling of granules dropping under gravity and peeled off by the multi-purpose scraper, which primely realize the vertical mixing.
  • The mixing tool can run variably, slow to fast for mixing ,granulating,increase of rolling energy .(i.e. the input of power into the mix can thus becontrolled specifically,thus the granule sizes can be controlled accordingly)
  • The separation between material move and mixing process allows the speed of the mixing tool variable within wide limits.
  • The material of mixing bowl contacted with materials could all be SS 316or SS304 , to prevent it from corrosion and to extend the lifespan of mixing bowl.

The unique structure and advanced working principles

Product Details

Mixing Bowl

Part Name: Mixing Bowl


Original: China(mainland)

Bottom,cover and side walls with smooth finished surfaces for easy cleaning. Individually designed to charge and discharge according to the product parameters and the conditions of installation.

Lubrication Oil Pump

Part Name: Lubrication Oil Pump

Brand: Tilorms

Original: China(Taiwan)

Applying Tilorms model RF-3 lubrication control system(made in Taiwan),monitoring the hydraulic pump and reducer oil temperature,oil level real-timely.

Electric Motor

Part Name: Electric Motor

Brand: Siemens Beide

Original: Sino-Germany Joint Venture

The mixing rotor driving motor is at the back top of the mixer. Power requirement,speed and the type of power transmission are chosen in accordance with the particular application.

Hydraulic Pressure Pump Station

Part Name: Hydraulic Pressure Pump Station

Brand: Kompass

Original: China(Taiwan)

We use Taiwan Kompass hydraulic pressure pump station to serve the oil cylinder. Normally, since the factors of safety on shipment,the oil will be empty when delivery.


Main Parameters

Item/Model MX11 MX12 MX15 MX19 MX24
Mixing Bowl Mixing Volume 120L/200KG 200L/300KG 500L/500KG 1000L/1000KG 2000L/2000KG
Bowl Dimensions Ø1100*750 Ø1250*800 Ø1500*820 Ø1900*890 Ø2400*1050
Inclined Angle 30° 30° 30° 30° 30°
Rotating Speed 20rpm 22rpm 17rpm 12rpm 15rpm
Driving Motor Power 7.5KW 11KW 11KW 15KW 45KW
Mixing Rotor Rotor Dia. 580mm 650mm 700mm 900mm 1100mm
Rotating Speed 600rpm 600rpm 500rpm 500rpm 500rpm
Driving Motor Power 22KW 37KW 55KW 75KW 160KW
Discharging Door Discharging Way Hydraulic Central Discharge Hydraulic Central Discharge Hydraulic Central Discharge Hydraulic Central Discharge Hydraulic Central Discharge
Pressure 70Kg/cm2 70Kg/cm2 70Kg/cm2 70Kg/cm2 70Kg/cm2
Hydraulic Pump Power 2.2KW 2.2KW 3.75KW 3.75KW 3.75KW
Dimensions(L*W*H)mm 210*1500*2100 2200*1700*2300 2800*1970*2600 3300*2680*2500 3900*2920*2500
Weight(KG) 3500 4300 7000 11000 18000


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